Mission & Vision

The Lewis Educational And Recreational Nonprofit (LEARN) offers a variety of programs such as health and safety, water safety, early childhood education curriculum and disaster preparedness to the youth in the Southeast Texas community. The programs we offer to the youth are age and developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities! Our "Developmental Team" continuously reviews research in our community and the education, preparedness and extra-curricular activities that we provide are programs and activities that are shown through research that youth need a safe and stimulating place to be and an education program to be apart of. Consistency has shown through any extra-curricular activity such as sports, educational programs, bible studies, outdoor play, positive youth engagement or community service involvement will promote healthier individuals, improve academic achievement and less likely to be involved in crime or substance abuse. When the youth individuals participate in any of our programs or activities, they are given the opportunity: 

  • Meaningful learning experiences
  • Stronger social and language skills
  • Exhibit fewer behavioral problems
  • Foundation for language and literacy development

Youth Mission


Our mission is to promote healthier individuals, improve academic achievement and enrich the lives of the youth in the Southeast Texas community by providing positive youth engagement programs and community service involvement activities! 

Vision for the Youth


Our vision is to educate the youth in our community with age and developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills that will not only impact and enrich their lives but the lives of everyone around them!