Additional Information

Lamar University Volunteers

We are proud to collaborate with Lamar University to provide a unique experience, internships and community service opportunities to the students. We work with all of our Lamar volunteers by working around your schedule! Download and complete a volunteer application today!

Community Volunteers

We love the Southeast Texas community and our community volunteers are amazing! We could not successfully run this organization without our dedicated volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with the LEARN organization, please download and complete a volunteer application!

Youth Volunteers

Volunteer Requirements

Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years old, complete a volunteer application, pass a background check and attend orientation before any volunteer is allowed to volunteer.

Youth volunteers must be at least 12 years old, complete a youth volunteer application with parent/legal guardian permission. No youth volunteer will be allowed to be alone with any child while volunteering with LEARN.

Download Volunteer Application & Information


Lamar University Students


Our internship program is for Lamar University students looking for an internship for community service hours, job experience or academic. All internship applicants must complete an Internship Application and submit a federal background check before an interview will be scheduled with the Executive Director. 

Purpose of Internships


The purpose of an internship is to exchange job responsibilities for high quality experience which students will be able to apply their academic training in a real world setting, develop skills and grow personally in career and personal goals.  

Academic Credit


For you to receive academic credit for your internship, it is your responsibility to consult with your department head or faculty staff that is in charge of the class you are wanting credit for. This Internship Description is a generic description that we use for all Lamar University departments and colleges.   

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Developmental Team


  • Community Outreach AssociatThe Community Outreach Associate’s primary responsibilities are to establish relationships, stewardships and stakeholders, conduct a variety of outreach activities and research and recruit and retain volunteers.
  • Fundraising Coordinator - The Fundraising Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are to develop and implement a fundraising plan for the organization, which will achieve the goals for sustainable funding, the development of projects and delivery of core operations.
  • Grant Writer - The Grant Writer’s primary responsibilities are to research, review and apply for local and national grants for the Lewis Educational And Recreational Nonprofit.
  • Office Assistant - The Office Assistant’s primary responsibilities are to answer phones, take messages, file paperwork, work alongside the Executive Director and interns and to be an advocate for LEARN.


  • Early Childhood Education Teacher - The Early Childhood Education Teacher’s primary responsibilities are to lead toddlers and preschool age children to achieve academic, social-emotional growth and development, encourage parent/guardian participation in program classes and make sure the children have fun while learning!
  • Emergency Management Instructor - The Emergency Management Instructor’s primary responsibilities are to provide disaster preparedness information and training to the youth, prepare the youth for natural disasters, technological disasters and first aid preparedness in schools.
  • Health & Safety Instructor – The Health and Safety Instructor’s primary responsibilities are to provide life saving information and training to the youth in our community such as: CPR, First Aid and Life and Safety Skills.
  • Water Safety Instructor - The Water Instructor’s primary responsibilities are to provide lifesaving information that will help reduce drowning incidents among children ages 5 through 12 years old, be a positive role model and inspire and enrich the lives of the youth in our community!